Great Inventions

12 de mayo de 2015 EMILIANO TORRES MARTINEZ 0

Agriculture and the Plough (8.500 BC) The invention and development of agriculture, as well as later technologies that simplified this task, were essential for the survival of man. It was invented around 10,000 […]


3 de junio de 2014 EMILIANO TORRES MARTINEZ 0

Renewable energy in Spain has traditionally had a small weight in relation to the demand for primary energy and electric power generation, and has been mainly represented by the hydraulic energy. However, since […]

Tourism in Spain

3 de junio de 2014 EMILIANO TORRES MARTINEZ 0

Tourism in Spain Spain is a touristic country, millions of foreign travelers are attracted by the beaches and the variety of dining opportunities, in addition to being one of the richest nations in […]